Exploring Denver Roasteries

by Dec 29, 2019Culture

I love coffee. After being a barista for three years, I grew to especially appreciate black coffee and the nuances of brewing it. While I didn’t pursue a career in the coffee business, it still has a special place in my heart. Further, it takes countless hours of manpower to farm and roast the coffee bean. Then from there, it takes a truly well-trained barista to make good use of those beans.

So when 303 Magazine put out an article listing and reviewing 30 Denver roasteries, I knew I had a great adventure ahead of me. I created a map of all the locations for the roasteries listed in the article and began to visit them one-by-one. I haven’t finished my adventure, but I’ve already been so impressed by the quality of the roasters in Denver.

Here’s a few I’ve already visited:

In 2020, I will produce a more fully-featured way to explore these shops on my site. As well, I hope to include some unique content about each roaster, so stay tuned! For now, enjoy my map and let me know what your favorite is! Personally, I continue to love Corvus coffee. But Spur is in hot pursuit!

Also here’s the key for the colors:

  • Green = Food + Coffee
  • Purple = Pastry’s + Coffee
  • Brown = Coffee
  • Blue = Unknown

The animals are representative of the roaster. So all Corvus locations are that goose-duck-thing (for example).

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